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"I wouldn't give a puppy to someone I didn't know. I had to give my baby to people I had never met."

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As human beings, we have the right to know our sisters, brothers, our mothers and fathers and the children we created. People who are not adopted take these very basic rights for granted. Most adopted men and women have a never ending identity crisis. How can we move forward without knowing where we come from? Even a plant has roots. It cannot thrive without them.

Adoption Search and Reunion will reunite adoptees, birthmothers, birthfathers, siblings and all birth family members, separated by the adoption process and all situations of family separation. Adoption Search and Reunion is the only company that will make the first contact with your birth family or adoptee.

All types of adoptions have been successfully researched. Searches are carried out with respect, confidentiality and compassion toward all parties involved. Adoption Search and Reunion uses legal methods to find your family.

Adoption Search and Reunion is a no find, no fee based Adoption Search Company. We specialize in California adoption searches, but we can locate adoptee, siblings or birth mother/father from states across America. Most searches can be solved within 48 hours although some can last for several months or years.

We perform all types of adoption searches including private adoption in California, Texas, Ohio. Agency adoption searches including Catholic Charities, Children's Home Society, The Holy Cross, Lutheran Social Services, Latter Day Saints Adoptions "LDS", Los Angeles County Bureau of Adoptions, Los Angeles Department of Adoptions, Children's Bureau of Los Angeles, Infant of Prague Adoption Services, Salvation Army Home for Unwed Mothers, Volunteers of America, Holy Family Services, Family Ministries, Edna Gladney, Gladney Center for Adoption, State Department of Social Services and many more.

Adoption Search and Reunion was founded by Toby Hanft and has been reuniting families since 1984.


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